The Books

    The Chronicles of Tharia are divided into two sets of six books, collectively titled "The Fourth Shadowwar" and "The Last Perfect Days". The Fourth Shadowwar tells the tale of a continent spanning war, mainly following the fortunes of Thomas Gown, a newly qualified wizard, while The Last Perfect Days tells of his further adventures later in his life.

The Fourth Shadowwar

     The Sceptre of Samnos

     Defenders of the Faith

     The Sword of Retribution

     The Fallen World

     The Caverns of Kronos

     The Scrolls of Skava

The Last Perfect Days

     The Rossem Project

     The Flight of the Hummingbird

     The Rings of Salammis


     The Worlds of the Sheaf

     The Gem Lords

Other books, unrelated to The Chronicles of Tharia

The Ontogeny Series


     The Electric Messiah

     The Radiant War